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Numnah Quilted Fabric… What’s it all About?

Read all about numnah quilted fabric and how it's used across the different industries.

A quilted fabric is a three-layered fabric, all stitched together, with two cotton outer layers and a fibre based filling in the middle. Quilted fabric is used for the purpose of insulation and protection. The ability of quilting to come in a variety of different weights and thicknesses makes it a versatile material for many applications. The different thickness of the filling and the design of the stitching provide different levels of heat retention and create a durable fabric that retains its shape during use. Popular applications for quilted fabrics are outdoor jackets, handbags, bed linen and saddle pads.

The fibre based filling is made from a number of materials such as down, feathers, or synthetic staple fibres such as polyester or acrylic. The fibre filling is made up of 10% fibres and 90% air which create pockets of air that provide insulation. Cotton is used for the two outer layers as it provides a versatile, durable fabric that has a high thread count. By having a high thread count in the cotton fabric, it means that fibres are less likely to break and provide more wind resistance due to the fabric being closely woven together.

A quilted fabric can be used for many applications due to the variety in properties it provides. The quilting provides protection and warmth so it perfect for use in the winter.

The fabric is extremely versatile to work with and this makes it ideal for the use for outdoor garments.

The obvious application for a quilted fabric in the equestrian trade is in saddle pads or stable and turn out blankets, however there are a wide range of applications that this material could be used in. Some examples include:

  • Lining in a bag to provide protection for precious items
  • Horse & pet blankets to provide warmth and protection against repeatedly worn areas

When using quilting in products and to ensure that it maintains its quality, it can be pre-washed before use or by using a vacuum cleaner periodically. If the quilting is to be put through heavy usage or regularly washed, then it should be pre-washed however be aware that the fabric will shrink due to the fibres wanting to relax.

Through clever designing, quilting can be strategically placed to provide warmth and protection; such as at the elbows, wrists, neck and ankles or the area around the withers on a horse. Using quilting for light protection of the body is not exclusive to the equestrian trade. A quilted body warmer with sleeves protects the core organs and elbow and wrist protectors can protect against a hit or fall. A quilted lined jacket pocket can protect new technology incase of an incident.

Here is an example of how quilting fabric can be used in selective designing:

At Abbey England, we supply cotton quilting in large range of colours such as black, brown, white, navy, wine, red, royal, emerald, forest, grey, baby pink, cerise, purple, yellow and sky. Bright colours, such as yellow, will ensure that you are visible during the winter.

By combining different fabrics together the properties of a quilted fabric can be enhanced. If water enters the fibre filling layer of a quilted fabric, the fabric loses its insulation. One option involves adding a water repellent finish to the cotton layer or the quilted fabric can be combined with a breathable, waterproof outer layer. Check out the PU Coated Breathable Nylon fabric, stocked at Abbey to find out how suitable the fabric is for your next project.



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