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Abbey’s Equus Rein Grips Race Ahead of the Field

We put our Equus Rein grips to the ultimate test by racehorse trainer Nick Kent!

We have always prided ourselves on sourcing high quality materials and Equus rubber is no different. Using the best UK-sourced rubber compound our rein grips are flexible, durable, and suitable for all climate conditions.

Then again, it’s no good coming from us! That’s why we sent our rein grips and a competitors rein grips to a Lincolnshire-based racehorse trainer Nick Kent for the ultimate test. 6 months on a busy racing yard.

Said Nick: “The competitor’s brand basically fell apart after a couple of months’ use. The pimples all wore off and so there was no grip at all.

“We couldn’t continue to use them for health and safety reasons as we were unable to hold a horse with them or pull it up.

“Both sets of reins were used identically for six months, three or four times a day and in the racing world tack isn’t looked after particularly well or cleaned very often.  It really was a hard test we put them through.

“The Equus Rein Grips are far superior. The rubber is much better quality and they are still being used now and they really have stood up to the test of time and endurance we have put them through with the pimples still intact and absolutely fine to use.

“Tack is under severe pressure on a racing yard and really needs to be hard wearing and practical. We would recommend Equus Rein Grips as an excellent choice for any yard.”

Equus Rein Grips are used to cover leather reins and provide extra, non-slip grip for riders and are available in a fine pip or a large pip design. 



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